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Customer Service


The Division of Customer Service is divided into three sub-groups: Customer Service-Utility Billing, Customer Service - Field (Meter Shop), and Central Operations. The Division of Customer Service serves approximately 34,000 residential and commercial water and sewer accounts for the City of West Palm Beach, Town of Palm Beach and the Town of South Palm Beach.

Customer Service – Utility Billing is located on the 1st floor of 401 Clematis Street at City Center. The contact number is 561-822-1300. Their main function is to establish service for water customers, connect residents and businesses to City water sources and sewer discharge lines, monitor usage, bill for water, sewer and sanitary collection services, ensure accurate accounting of customer payments and serve as the focal point for customer issues.

Customer Service – Field (Meter Shop), is located at the Water Treatment Facility, 1009 Banyan Blvd and provides services such as; meter reading, meter service repairs, turn on / turn off’s, low pressure investigations, and meter testing to ensure the accuracy of water service. They also govern the City’s Backflow and Cross Connection Control Program. This program ensures the safety of the water distribution system by preventing contaminants to be back-siphoned or back-pressured into our water distribution system.

Central Operations Provides 24-hour emergency response services to Public Utilities, Public Works, Parks, etc. The contact number is 561-822-2210. Central Operations dispatches to all departments with the exception of police and fire. It is also the operational location of the Mayor’s Hotline. This hotline is designed to allow customers of the City of West Palm Beach and surrounding areas to voice their concerns, suggestions, and compliments regarding happenings in and around the City.