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Financial Auditing Services
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Due Date:
4/13/2016 4:00:00 PM
Josephine Grosch, Sr. Purchasing Agent, Dir: 561-822-2107
Question Cutoff:
4/1/2016 5:00:00 PM
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RFP 15-16-204 Financial Auditing Services


RFP 15-16-204 Financial Audit Services
Contact: Carol Kuzava - RSM
1. Is the incumbent firm precluded from placing a bid, or does the restriction lie only with the partner and the manager to not have worked on the City's audit during the past 5 years? 2. Is SBE participation mandatory? Are there any goals set for SBE participation? 3) What were the fees paid for the 2015 audit?
Financial Audit Services
Contact: Carol Kuzava - RSM
1. What is the reason for considering a change in auditors? Will the City be following its practice of rotating the entire firm as it applied in the previous auditor selection process five years ago? 2. When going through the auditor selection process, what are the most important attributes you are looking for and what was the primary reason for the selection of the current auditors? a. What qualifications/characteristics did the City appreciate the most about their “current” auditors or look for in the future auditors? b. For what areas does the City see as an opportunity for improvement for future audit engagements? 3. What was the typical audit engagement time line, duration and staffing levels (e.g., number and level, such as Partner, Manager, Senior, Staff, etc.) for the fiscal year 2015 engagement, specifically for, a. Interim fieldwork prior to fiscal year end, if applicable? b. “Final” or substantive fieldwork subsequent to fiscal year end? c. Approximately how many hour were auditors “in the field”? 4. When will the final trial balance and audit support schedules be available for auditors for planning purposes? 5. What CPA Firm(s) audit the Pension Plans and, a. When are the final reports typically submitted for inclusion in the CAFR? 6. Did the City engage their previous or other independent accountants to perform additional services and, if so, what was the nature of such services and what were the fees paid for those services? 7. Approximately how many auditor-generated journal entries are made each year? 8. Are there any other major transactions/activities planned that may affect the fiscal year ending 2016 or subsequent years’ engagements, e.g., planned major capital projects, IT/system implementations, Bond issuances, etc.? 9. Is a copy of the issued fiscal year 2015 CAFR and single audit report available? 10. May we obtain a copy of the most recent Independent Auditor’s Management Letter in accordance with the Rules of the Auditor General? 11. How much did the City pay for audit fees for the CAFR and Single audits for the past five fiscal years? a. Were there increases to the originally agreed-upon fees for out of scope work or additional billings? If yes, how much were the increases and what was the reason for the increases? 12. What is the amount budgeted for the fiscal year end 2016 engagement? 13. What management and accounting systems does the City use, e.g., cash collections, data management, financial, assets, financial reporting, etc.? a. Will a download of trial balance financial and budgetary information be available? 14. Who are the current members of the City’s Audit Committee who will serve on the selection committee?
Audit Proposal
Contact: Veil
1. Please provide the fees by segment - City, CRA, Golf and Single Audit (if separate). 2. Please provide historical timing of the audit work - planning, interim, year-end and the estimated number of weeks for each, if possible. 3. The RFP lists certain criteria for evaluation of the proposals - are there percentages assigned to each of these criteria? 4. When do you receive the audit reports for ECR and MPSCC? 5. Is there any internal audit time allocated to the external auditors? If so, how much? 6. Are there any significant changes in the single audit programs anticipated for 2016?
Question #1
Contact: Crowe Horwath LLP
What were the contracted annual fees of the current auditor for the past three years that were billed to the City.
Question #2
Contact: Crowe Horwath LLP
Where there any additional billings on the above contracted fees that were charged by the current auditor for the past three years? If so, what service was provided and what was the fee?
RFP 15-16-204?
Contact: Mark Bymaster
1. Does the organization have an audit committee or equivalent oversight Board? 2. Has anything happened in the current year, which is different from the prior years? 3. Please provide the prior year auditing fees, and how were these fees allocated amount various services (i.e. financial statement audit or various other reports). 4. Were there any additional accounting services fees? 5. How many full-time and part-time audit staff members completed the prior year audit? 6. How many days/weeks were the prior auditors on site? 7. Have there been any significant changes in the Finance staff in the past year?


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